SUP Yoga

SUP Yoga

Friday 715am and 830am

Class ad-hoc R120

5 x class pass R500

Winter Special

Sup Yoga Challenge 2 hour Sup Yoga 2nd Class 50% off

With the love of yoga and water SUP Yoga is for everyone I can supply you with a class at the oasis sup academy studio or private lessons group class in the ocean at Hout Bay beach and harbour.

Advance booking essential please click on enquiry link.

Why choose sup yoga?

It’s a better workout.

Since the platform is unstable, you have to engage your core more for better balance. The workout is more challenging. “your whole midsection will have to work to keep you balanced and afloat. You have to work harder and focus more on the water.”

It will refine your technique.

You’ll be more in tune with your poses. For example, during downward dog, if you have more weight on one side, your board will let you know.

It’s more calming.

The sensation of floating helps to alleviate the heaviness that life sometimes throws on our shoulders.

It will help you focus on your breath.

Ujjayi pranayama, or ocean breath, is a popular yoga method for breathing because the “ocean” sound is believed to soothe your mind. And some researchers believe that listening to the sound of the ocean can help people to relax. The gentle sound of water lapping while on a paddleboard will help you relax and key you in to the most important aspect of yoga: your breath.

It’s empowering.

Standing up on a paddle board gives you a unique perspective of both the water and the horizon. It’s as close as you can get to walking on water, and the possibility of falling helps practitioners really focus on themselves and their poses. “it’s about letting go of the fear,” Teresa van Eyk, owner of Satya Yoga in Saugatuck, mi, recently told the Holland sentinel. “You get off the water feeling really rejuvenated. It’s empowering.”